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Qooy.com is a Web 2.0 file mirroring service with most advanced features. Just upload the file to our server, it will be automatically distributed to several free file hosts. After it's uploaded, you will get download links to these sites.

Now you can buy the Qooy.com script and setup site in your domain(s). File Mirroring script/sites are very few and it has huge potential.

All uploads are multi-threaded which means uploading from our server to all mirror sites will be done parallely rather than one after the other. This will result in faster uploads compared to similar sites.

We have used latest technology like Ajax which updates the status of uploaded files and generate links without any need of user refreshing the page or requires admin intervention. There is no maintenance required, everything is done automatically.

All the uploaded files in the server will be uploaded immediately to other mirrors. Once that's complete, file stored in your server will be cleaned up by a cron job which executes automatically every 6 hours. This will reduce the need of huge storage space in your server.

Optional email notification feature is added where the user will be automatically sent a mail containing the download links once the upload is over. This is especially useful while uploading large files the user need not wait at the site for the upload to get over to see the links.

The script comes with a Multi Domain License and is non encoded full source is available and does not have any license restrictions. You can install the script in as many domains as you want, make modications to the code and add new features etc.

You cannot sell the script even if you modify it. Selling/Buying the original script/modified version at any other place is illegal.Please note that there are no other resellers of the script, only place you can buy the script is through http://qooy.com and through our email - qooyscript@gmail.com

Updates for the script will be lifetime free. As soon as we release new features, it will be mailed to all who purchased it.

Price: 74.99 USD / Multi Domain License / Non Encoded

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Please contact us at qooyscript@gmail.com if you have any queries.


PHP, MySql, Curl, Ioncube Loader (All freely downloadable and come with most hosting accounts - please contact your host for verifying/installing)

Usage Restrictions:

Reselling the script is also not allowed. But user is free to sell the site in which its installed with a valid license.

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